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With approximately 112 million units sold in the year 2010, LG has claims its share in the World Telecommunication Market to be more than 8% and it has plans to increase this share with future phones. A future handset is a Smartphone and LG is considering launching a series of such phones in the market. It has got the feel of the users and the users have tested the manufacturer. The scene is set for the LG to rise above the horizon.

When it comes to buying a LG mobile phone, the first name that comes to mind is Optimus & then the Nexus. These two phones are the best selling models in the market and each model offers a wide range of choice to the users. Coupled with contract deals, these LG smartphones make the best deal. If you are choosing an Optimus then go ahead there is no need to give a second thought. It is one of the LGs best touch screen phones; you can buy on phone deals.

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What makes new LG phones different from others is a matter of debate? All devices look equal in shape, size, design and technology then what is different in an LG mobile. Why people are crazy only for their handsets and consider other brands as second option? Answer to these questions lies in the functionality of the LG phones. Those who use their handsets know how convenient it is to go around with the latest model and stay connected using different methods including web.

In this time and age, when mobile phone users want to use their devices as pocket PCs, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to provide high-speed internet features but merely providing features is not enough as the phone should also work like a PC. It is where the difference between a new LG phone and a regular mobile is visible. LG devices not only packed with high-end features but they are designed to be used as entertainment equipment.

LG Optimus is a wonderful handheld device and so the Nexus and other models launched by the manufacturer. A lineup of phones shows that the company takes care of its users. There is a cell phone for every purpose. Whether you want to buy a camera phone or want to use your mobile as a gaming console, LG is your best bet.

It would keep going unless you want it change. For maximum value for your money, rely on LG android phones. This brand would never let you down as their handsets are tough enough to withstand pressure, moisture and dirt. Cost of a LG device might discourage you from buying it but then there are contract or pay monthly deals that can make an expensive phone affordable. Look for the phone deals that fall in your pocket as cheap LG mobile phones are available on all contracts including the most popular 12 months and 18 months contracts.

Look for latest range of mobiles from LG and gift yourself the best device made by the manufacturer and available in the market.

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